Costa Dvorezky: The Agile Circus Body

Costa Dvorezky’s new works – Zero Gravityput the spotlight on the human body. The focus is on the  agility of acrobats suspended in mid-air on circus props such as hoops and the trapeze.

Aerial acrobatics put the human figure at odds with gravity and, consequently, the effect of risk. In his works, Dvorezky also expresses the feeling of freedom and lightness that inspires these daredevils to push their bodies to the physical limit. –Galerie D’Este

Born in Russia in 1968, Costa Dvorezky lives in Canada. He earned his Master’s at the Stroganov Academy in Moscow in 1993 and has participated in exhibitions throughout Europe and North America. His works feature in private collections in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the United States and Canada.

His website, here.

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