Mixed Media

Karla Doell: Snippets of Utopia

Drawing on observations when she travels, Karla Doell merges vegetation, architecture and other objects in shifting, layered imagery. She uses wide array of mediums — acrylic, plaster, charcoal, pastels, encaustic, gel, and photo-based imagery. These works are from an exhibition this summer at Sopa Fine Arts in Kelowna, B.C.

As an artist/photographer I often transfer my images into my work, marrying painting and photography, two passions in one amiable love affair. Having done extensive travelling, I’ve been fortunate to amass a collection of interesting and thought provoking images, which often become focal points or unique additions to a painting. – Artist Statement (Above:  Soo Line,  40″x53″)

Tzintzuntzan Tree
36″ x 56″
mixed media on metal

Snippets – mixed media on metal

Up with the Birds
36″ x 36″
mixed media on wood

Karla Doell’s website, here.

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