Nicolas Ruel: Micromovie photos

ruel-rocketNicolas Ruel transfigures urban spaces with very long exposures that condense each photo into “a kind of 8-second micromovie.”  The Montreal artist assembles key moments in a single take, then prints the large-scale works on stainless steel.  Iconography, his latest exhibition, is on at Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto.


I take a formal approach to photography, based on urban design and architecture. Structuring and disarticulating these elements is the predominant theme of my work. –Artist Statement (Top: Red Rocket Streetcars, Toronto / Above: Témoin, Toronto)


Beaubourg, Paris

ruel-beirutSunday, Beirut

ruel-chinookChinook, Vancouver

ruel-gaultierMaison Gaultier 1, Paris


Prado, Havana

Nicolas Ruel was born in Montreal in 1973. He began his studies in film and international relations before undertaking extensive travels, during which time he developed as a photographer. Ruel has been presented in solo and collective exhibitions all over the world.  See more on Nicolas Ruel’s website, here.

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