Rudolf Kurz: Delicate but Macabre

rudolf2Rudolf Kurz originally trained as a medical doctor in his native Germany, switching later to painting as a student at the Art Students League in New York.  A well-known muralist, and an author and illustrator, he is a surrealist painter and master etcher. He’s on show at his fifth solo exhibition, The Miracle of Flight, at Graven Feather in Toronto.


Rudolf works with a delicate touch and a macabre sense of humour. His small, exquisitely detailed prints and offbeat, elegant paintings are inspired by surrealism and the art of Medieval and Renaissance Northern Europe. -Gallery notes (Above: Myself, 30 Years Ago)






Rudolf Kurz emigrated to Canada 30 years ago and divides his time between Toronto and the village of MacTier in Muskoka.  He creates the etchings using a centuries old printmaking technique, without shortcuts such as photo transfer of an image to a printing plate.

A large selection of etchings, here.

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  1. The images remind me of an old book my friend once showed me. It contained dark, beautiful images of demons, faeries and other fantastic creatures.


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