Louie Palu: Inside the Mexican Drug War

Louie_Palu_Angels-620Girls dressed as angels pray at a crime scene where a young man was assassinated in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

“Mira Mexico”

Louie Palu’s new show at Kinsman Robinson in Toronto is from his ground breaking project documenting violence, immigration, drug addiction and other issues flowing from the Mexican drug war. The dangerous journey took him thousands of kilometres along the U.S.-Mexican border and deep into drug cartel territory over a two-year period. These dark, stunning photographs have won him wide acclaim.

palu-gangLuis Avila Archulata age 40, an ex-gang member

The tenacious photographer has received numerous accolades including a Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting Grant, Bernard L. Schwartz Fellowship, awards from the White House News Photographers Association, Canadian Photojournalist of the Year, Hasselblad Master Award and an Alexia Foundation Photography Grant.

palu-womanMarisol Espinoza, a 20-year-old woman from Chiapas, Mexico in a shelter for deportees

palu-executionHands bound behind his back, this man was executed on the banks of a river in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Louie Palu’s “Mira Mexico” project home page, here.  More about Louie Palu, here.

Louie Palu narrates this short video, with more of his remarkable photos.

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  1. You’ve managed to capture the peacefulness of Mexico that seems to flow through the ciaos. Beautiful work. I am proud to be a fellow Canadian with roots in Mexico.


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