Dave Rheaume: Archival Winter


While we’re all still on about the weather, these works by Toronto-based Dave Rheaume are an archival take on winter – whether on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg  (above) or in a Blizzard on Bay (below).


The long-time director’s film-making experience shows through in the light and composition of his paintings.  His perspective on winter time is almost soothing.  See these scenes set to music by Ravel.

Rheaume also captures the natural beauty of the season. (Below: The Shinny Player)

dave-theshinnyplayer There’s deep knowledge in Rheaume’s treatment of the cold and ice, drawn – he says – from growing up in Ottawa. That city gave him his lifelong focus on the weather.

dave-winterfarmer-The Winter Farmer

See more on Dave Rheaume’s website, here.

Or on his Facebook here.

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  1. the accompanying music has such a soft wintery snow feeling which enhances the great art work. well done! Almost makes we want to go outside in the snow…but not quite.


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