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Moleskine: Hunting for Giant Squids & Other Things

huntingforgiantsquidSwiss artist Jared Muralt doesn’t confine himself to fantasy in his exceptional Moleskines, but his Hunting for Giant Squids is a great example of his detailed style. Muralt is a founder of the illustration and graphic design studio BlackYard, in Bern. Here are some other examples of his work, which usually tells a fascinating story.

samuraibattleThese layouts are from Muralt’s Behance site, and from the sketch category of his website, here. Click on any image to get a larger view. There are also some great process shots on his Facebook, here.

jared-themomentbeforeifallasleepBe sure to check out Muralt’s illustrations, equally compelling, such as these examples from his Behance.


jared-illustrationIn an interview with the Berlin-based blog, iGNANT, he identified TinTin as his childhood hero.


See more on Jared Muralt’s website, here.

His biography, here.

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  1. I loved the designs! They reminded me of M.C. Escher’s sketches which I also saw on an agenda recently, not sure if it was Moleskine or not.


  2. Excellent and decidedly gorgeous, great work by the artist. Those little Moleskines, especially with the solid black cover…what mysteries and delights they can hold.


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