Gallery Stratford: Art of Phonography

stratford-billchan-viarailstationGallery Stratford’s Phonography Project has inspired some creative image taking. Maybe it’s the arts ambience of a city that hosts international performers at its Stratford Festival. (Above: Bill Chan, Via Rail Station, with poster of actor William Hutt)

Christy Bertrand

Or maybe it’s just that Gallery Stratford got the concept right. On through Dec. 31, the My Stratford project asks residents to snap images on their mobiles, then Phonoshop them creatively before submitting. Works by Christy Bertrand (above: Local Ice Storm) and Dan Stacey (below: Intersection at Dusk) caught my eye.

stratford-danstacey-intersectionatduskSee all photos uploaded since the project launched in January, here on Flickr.

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