On Now: Poetic Apologies

sorry1Toronto subways, Edmonton transit and malls in major cities carry poems on screens this month apologizing for just about everything, including modern art, politics, and even sleeping.


Sorry is Boston artist Gary Duehr’s amusing series of 20 collaged words and images, running on multiple Pattison Onestop digital networks across Canada through Feb. 28, part of the company’s ongoing  Art in Transit program. Duehr’s work is meant to exorcise the trend to apologize for behaviour without making meaningful changes. See more about Gary Duehr, here.

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  1. Katalina4 – I thought the same thing – Boston artist doing what Canadians do so automatically. Duehr had already published the Sorry series in books (2012) before this campaign was arranged, so I’m guessing the people at Pattison saw it and thought it would work exactly because we all know we’re a country of apologists!


  2. “sorry for uncomfortable silences” – I love it!
    But I’m confused – he is from Boston, yet the constant apologizing is so Canadian…


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