Coulombe: Symbolism of the unspoken

Quebec artist Sylvain Coulombe is on exhibit with The Symbolism of the Unspoken, his first solo show in Toronto. There’s a  strong sculptural element to his portraits, due to thick applications of paint, and deep scraping and carving of his wooden canvases.  


In these new works, Coulombe creates an “unspoken symbolism” with colour, line and form, to share the story of each unusual character. The Thompson Landry Gallery says his “approach to portraiture is fantastical, his choice of material unconventional, and his desire to create irrepressible. ” (Above: Le Précurseur / Below: Gravité)


Sylvain Coulombe is considered a rising star in Quebec. He holds a Bachelor in Environmental Design from UQAM (L’Université du Québec à Montréal) , where he discovered architecture. Coulombe first created in steel, glass, concrete, resin and wood sculpture, then began using acrylic paint. Now, he devotes himself exclusively to painting.

Exhibit (through March 9, 2014), Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, here.

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  1. I would LOVE to see these live in a gallery. One can only imagine the texture this talented man has created. Exciting and provocative.


    • Also exciting is his new situation with a major gallery, because I don’t think (although I’m not absolutely sure) that he was very well known outside Quebec.


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