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Coulombe: Symbolism of the unspoken

Quebec artist Sylvain Coulombe is on exhibit with The Symbolism of the Unspoken, his first solo show in Toronto. There’s a  strong sculptural element to his portraits, due to thick applications of paint, and deep scraping and carving of his wooden canvases.   In these new works, Coulombe creates […]

Dominique Fortin’s Mues: Unique & Dreamlike

Toronto’s Thompson Landry Gallery showcases a collection of striking new work by Dominique Fortin, who creates in a unique, dream-like style full of fantasy and romanticism.   She focuses on themes of childhood, and how the fanciful imaginations of lost childhood have become found again in her own children. […]

Rock Therrien’s Fantastical Rounded Figures

Quebec Artist Rock Therrien creates amusing situations, using his characteristic rounded figures.  His new show opens April 12 at the Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. -La ligue de garage Mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 92 Being a true admirer of curves, Therrien will engrave […]