Great Modern Artists A to Z


I’m taken by this excellent work from British designer Andy Tuohy. He celebrates 26 artists of the 20th century in this Great Modern Artists poster.

“Of course, only one artist per letter causes problems,” Tuohy writes on his website, “not least over-subscription on some letters and a shortage on others.

“But if nothing else, the poster will inform you that there’s a Larry Zox in existence. No, we’ve never heard of him either. But heh, we think you should because Larry rocks.”


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  1. whoa! didn’t know of more than half of them, so yeah. if nothing else it tells me there’s a larry zox in existence – very true 🙂 . and the poster is awesome.

    wanted to thank you for mentioning todd hignite’s `in the studio’ in one of your posts (forgot which) – bought it,read it and completely in love with it.


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