Dan Attoe: Landscapes with Water

Dan-Mountain-Swimming-Pool-2013Oregon based artist Dan Attoe interprets landscapes and water in a show of soothing paintings at Peres Projects in Berlin. The works originate “from places that I’ve lived in and have personal relationships with, like the North Shore of Lake Superior, the rivers and waterfalls of Washington state and Idaho, and the coast of the Northwestern U.S,” he says.  Above: Mountain Swimming Pool

Dan-Icy-Shore-2013Icy Shore – oil on canvas over MDF


Surfers in Moonlight

Dan-Salt-Flats-At-Sunset-2013Salt Flats at Sunset


Couples and Waterfall

Dan-Swimming-Pool-at-night-3-2014Swimming Pool at Night 3

Dan Attoe’s page at Peres Projects, Berlin here

His bio, here

A full review of Landscapes with Water exhibit in Frieze, here

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