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Canvas: Get to know BGL


The National Gallery of Canada is offering this celebratory limited edition print by BGL, the Quebec City art collective chosen to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale, May 9 to Nov. 22, 2015 (Canvas is a CMYK print, 61 x 92 cm, numbered edition of 200.)


BGL with three pairs of legs from Marche avec moi [Walk with Me] National Gallery of Canada, the Havana Biennial, Cuba. Photo: Natalie Jean

Unfamiliar with BGL?   Artists Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère and Nicolas Laverdière, whose last names form the collective’s initials, have been collaborating for 20 years to create ambitious sculptures, performance works and installations, including most recently Water Velocity, a huge sculpture outside the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre’s  Olympic-sized pools. (Below: installing the 11-metre tall sculpture, from the BGL Facebook)

Water Velocity

The BGL website, here.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic that the National Gallery of Canada is offering a reproduction of this acclaimed artwork. It absolutely validates the current artwork trend to recreate on canvas fine works of art. This is a departure for the NGC as they have in the past only attributed original art with high regard, even though many artists of historical significance such as William Krieghoff dabbled with reproduction in the early 17th century. Hats off to the National Gallery of Canada for getting on-board!


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