Lynne Brofsky: Gone for Good

Lynn1West Coast printmaker Lynne Brofsky is “moved by the sensuality of the human figure, asymmetry, architecture, landscape, growth and decay,” themes that infuse her monotypes. (Above: Gone for Good, 32 x 66″ 3 panels, oil based etching ink on cotton paper. Below: Main Drag, 32 x 44″)

I grew up in Colorado, where family road trips from Denver  took us out to areas of farmland, mesas, deserts and forgotten towns populated with skeletal relics of industry. Embedded with ghosts of what they once were, their energy always spoke to me. This is what I come back to, our fragile existence, the way we relate, love, isolate and abandon ourselves and the places we live in. –Artist Statement

Above: Conversations / Below: Barriers – both 32 x 44″

Brofsky4See more at Lynn Brofsky’s website, here – including these process shots from the artist’s studio.


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