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  • Apocalypse Art: A special section on The Art Junkie

An Apocalypse. The Rapture. The Mayan Prophecy. Judgment Day. Armageddon. The puzzle of how and when (and if) the world will end has consumed artists through every civilization. The visual arts authenticate our fixation on Doomsday, giving form to endless prophecies of destruction, paired with heroism and redemption.

For several years, I sporadically posted to a blog  called Apocalypse Art, created to indulge my lifelong interest in end-of-the-world themes. Those posts are now merged with Canadian Art Junkie.  where you’ll find posts on climate change, natural disasters, wars and survivalism.  

More about what triggered my interest in the end of the world here.


(The sketch on this page is by the talented illustrator John Hendrix.  See that post here.)


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