Sculpture: Faux Taxidermy

buffaloArtist Kelly Rene Jelinek uses fragments of upholstery fabric to create life-size faux taxidermy of deer, moose, buffalo and other animals. After spending her childhood reading fairy tales, she says she now finds herself trying to make real life more magical through the artworks she creates.

I find that this quote from Edgar Allen Poe pretty much sums up everything that I am about: “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” –Kelley Jelinek



At her Little Stag Studio, Jelinek treats the traditional hunter’s take-home prize more softly. The scraps – mounted on the foam forms that taxidermists use – are layers with recycled fabric from flea markets, old coats and furniture.


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  1. I am totally against trophy hunting. Nonetheless, this artist has a loving style with very stunning results. I can accept her fake trophy heads, to a point, but I much prefer the armadillo and cat.


  2. Wow – I am in awe of these! I don’t like sport hunting, meaning just to hang a head on your wall so I tend to dislike the mounted dead real animals, but this is such a beautiful tribute to the animals as well as beautiful works of art. And that armadillo – oh I would love to have that in my house. 😉


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