John Hartman: Drypoint



Renowned Canadian artist John Hartman is an expert in drypoint, a rare printmaking technique that originated in 15th Century Germany.

Parry Sound

Parry Sound

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery (beneficiary of a donation by Hartman of 27 of his works) curated an exhibition of 15 colour works in this  uncommon form of printmaking.  “In drypoint,” the gallery explains, “a dry hard-pointed needle is used to incise a design on a special metal or acrylic plate. ”



“A main feature of drypoint is the burr, the tiny embossed edge which is left by the dry line incision.  During the ink application process, the burr retains a lot of ink- which gives the resulting image its characteristically soft and imprecise lines.”

To see more of Hartman’s work and how he has evolved the drypoint technique, visit his website, here.

Hartman in studio, with Halifax in background

Hartman in studio.

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    • Yes, exactly. If you dive into the text for the exhibit (link is in the post) you’ll see it mentions Milne is considered one of the greatest contributors to the technique.

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