Mixed Media

Play-Doh Photography


Original photo: Untitled, 1975 by William Eggleston

What a fascinating concept.  British artist Eleanor Macnair takes famous photographs and reproduces them in Play-Doh, simplifying and transforming them with vivid colour.

identical-twinsOriginal photograph: Identical Twins, Roselle, N.J., 1967 by Diane Arbus

The Art Gallery of Ontario holds her work, and she has a current exhibition at Kopekin Gallery in Los Angeles.  This is Bee, by Irving Penn, 1995. Click here to see Macnair’s version.


Originally shared through Macnair’s tumblr account the project quickly spread through the internet and garnered thousands of followers on instagram.


Original photograph: Noire and Blanche, 1926 by Man Ray

Macnair works with simple tools; Play-Doh, a chopping board, a scalpel, and an empty wine bottle as a rolling-pin. Here’s a look at one of her works in progress.

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In progress…. (intro music Oh Yoko! By John Lennon)

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  1. Very unique, indeed! My eyes played a trick on me. I thought I read Play-Doll, instead of Play-Doh. The first pic has become my Play-Dohl.


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