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AI Image Dupes Prestige Awards

Veteran German photographer Boris Eldagsen, winner of a Sony World Photography Award, has refused to accept the prize after revealing the winning photo was created using an artificial intelligence image generator. Eldagsen acknowleges he was a “cheeky monkey” for the incident, but is hoping the controversy will spark […]

Last-chance Tourism – Sarah Palmer

In Wish You Were Here, Toronto-based photographer Sarah Palmer documents the world of “last-chance” cruise tourism, where passengers seek leisure time through voyages to destinations adversely affected by the climate crisis Printed in larger-than-life scale at Toronto’s waterfront-facing Donald D. Summerville Pools, Palmer’s photographs immerse viewers in the experience of […]

Breathtaking Bridge

There are times when a single image is so compelling it has to be shared, like this one. It’s by photographer Shaun Lowe, a shot of the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge at Halifax Harbour. This is the photographer whose image of a bright yellow canola field captured us […]

Collected at the Border

These photo works came immediately to mind after news yesterday that President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau reached a deal to close a popular but unofficial Canadian border crossing used by 10s of thousands of refugees seeking asylum. (See news item here and here) Photographer Thomas Kiefer’s decade […]

Burdeny – Cities on a Hill

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery is exhibiting two new series by internationally known Vancouver photographer David Burdeny. (Above: Matera 07, Basilicata, Italy 2021) “Widely known for his ability to capture the essence of a place and its people in a single image, these new photographs introduce both a visual feast […]

Leaving & Waving – Photography

It’s remarkable, the ordinary things that photographers winnow out of daily life to make art. For 27 years, starting in 1991 when she was in her 30s, Deanna Dikeman visited her parents in Sioux City, Iowa. Each time she drove away, she photographed them waving goodbye from the […]