Erica Lambertson: A vivid palette

Erica Lambertson’s paintings reflect the lush landscapes of southern Louisiana. Her works often evolve from recurring dreams, half realized memories, or stories told over and over by close friends or family. (Above: Leah, oil on canvas)

Afternoon Nap

Gallery Orange, which represents her, describes Lambertson as a painter who “works with a vivid and harsh palette that reflects the intensity of her surroundings. Light and gesture fuel narratives that can be dramatic and moody or sometimes pensive and dreamy.”

Community Garden

Her style references Louisiana’s torrential summer rains and thick humid air. Many of her works focus on people inert and languid in the heat.


Erica Lambertson website, here.

On Saatchi Art, here.

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  1. Every true artist is an original, even when reminiscent of other artists. I’m thinking here, that whomever I may say it reminds me of, I can’t fully put a finger on it. She has carved her niche, beautifully!

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