Gregory Hardy: Prairie Skies

Gregory Hardy is a Canadian painter who primarily concentrates on prairie landscapes. His hobby farm near Meacham, Saskatchewan provides inspiration for his canvases.

Weather and the exectation of change are vivid elements in Hardy’s work, giving a sense of shifting movement to his signature clouds and open vistas. His paintings are in a solo exhibition at Wallace Galleries in Calgary through March 29.

Hardy uses thick paint, naturalistic colour, and gestural brushwork to convey the stark simplicity of the prairie landscape and the drama of its elements.

Hardy’s career spans four decades and countless exhibitions. As he reimagines the Canadian landscape, he captures fleeting weather patterns and the luminosity of the prairie sky.

Gregory Hardy’s website, here.

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  1. Very unique! I can relate, as I was raised in the prairies. The first and last are quite great. The first one is one of many thunder storms I watched rolling in. I see a face in the clouds in the last one.


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