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Edith Meusnier: Textile environmental art

Edith Meusnier 2010 Sortilege

Edith Meusnier is a French textile and environmental artist who uses the ancient technique of plaiting and Språng (braiding on stretched threads).   The technique has been done in many parts of the world for thousands of years from the Bronze Age to the present, with silk, wool, linen and cotton.

VESTIGE DE L’HIVER , février 2017

Her art pieces are meant to be exposed to light, bad weather and everything that can happen in the open air. The structures are introduced only for a season: in the forest, in parks, the cloisters of monasteries, and the courtyards of museums.

“The Forest of Halatte is my daily surroundings,” she writes of this series of pieces.

After participating in numerous international exhibitions of art and textile design, she left Paris in 1996 to live in a small village in the clearing of a Picardy forest. She turned to working exclusively outside, making her garden a real testing ground.

Debordement (2015), 5m x 2.5m x .6m, gift ribbon, stainless steel wire
Frivolite, tulle and non woven, technique: sewing
Pavane (2016) on the river Le Renaison, Riorges, France, 5 tetrahedons, 2.60 x 2.60 x 2.60 m each, gift ribbon and bamboo

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