Erin Armstrong – Unique Distortion

The Burden of Broken Silence, 48 X 36 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Erin Armstrong is a figurative painter on the rise, identified by Saatchi Art in 2014 as one of the world’s 20 emerging artists to watch. Represented by Toronto’s Bau-Xi Gallery, known to have an eye for identifying talent, Armstrong opens a solo show there March 7.

The Peacock, 48 X 60 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Using quick and decisive gestural markings over acrylic-based images, she creates unique distorted figures and portraits in an expressive dream-like world -Bau-Xi Gallery

Moon at Coral Rise, 48 X 36 in., Acrylic on Canvas,

Armstrong has recently collaborated on projects for The Drake Hotel, Nike, Kit + Ace, Saatchi Limited. She has upcoming exhibits in Australia, Stockholm, Edinburgh, London, Oslo, Miami and NYC.

Still, 40 X 30 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Cranes, 48 X 48 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Lethe, 40 X 30 in., Acrylic on Canvas

Above: Erin Armstrong with her What the Mocking Jay Remembers Painting, 77 H x 72 W x 2 in

Erin Armstrong at Bau-Xi, here.

Armstrong’s solo exhibition runs March 7-21, 2019 at Bau-Xi Toronto

Erin Armstrong’s website, here.

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