Drew Burnham stylizes the West Coast

Drew_Burnham_The_Boardwalk_Diner_Sullivan_BayVancouver artist Drew Burnham’s fluid lines and vivid colors have made him a top choice for Canadian collectors, who regularly buy out his shows.  There’s a new exhibition – Silent Stories – opening today (Feb 22) at Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto. (Above: The Boardwalk Diner, Sullivan Bay)

Drew_Burnham_Low_Tide_Thormamby_GapBurnham paints Canada’s west coast  authentically, but with a stylized torque on its grandeur.  To me, there’s no more appealing a landscape than one rendered by a contemporary artist creatively advancing the heritage of Canadian landscape painting.  (You’ll see many examples on this blog, including Dana Irving, Steve Driscoll,and Ross Penhall, each of them unique.)  Above: Low Tide, Thormamby Gap / Below: General Store, North Pender

Drew_Burnham_General_Store_North_PenderDrew Burnham trained with Don Jarvis and Toni Onley, and studied architectural rendering as well as Fine Art at the Vancouver School of Art and  University of Victoria. Burnham’s paintings are in many private and corporate collections.

Bau-Xi Gallery, here.

Drew Burnham’s page at the gallery, here.

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  1. The Pender General store painting stopped me in my tracks. We have a house on the island and pass that location often when we are on Pender. Thank you for “wowing” me!


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