Quick Hits: Urban Change

Sonya Blesofsky’s installations bring attention to the human histories and architectural backgrounds of the spaces where she exhibits.  She finds original building details (windows, pieces of construction material) and assembles them to represent what once was. The research she does is fascinating.

Above: Window Study: 264 East 7th Street (detail), whitewashed lath, C-clamps, scraped paint, plaster, graphite, brads. Image: Etienne Frossard

My artwork deals with urban change –how the unfixed nature of the city presents itself as an endless pattern of decline and growth. Architectural decay and structural failure, combined with hyper-accelerated development create the continuous and cyclical layering of history that serves as my source material  – artist statement

Facades, solo exhibition by Sonya Blesofsky

See the fascinating history of the exhibition space that she discovered for these images, here.

Sonya Blesofsky’s website, here.

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