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Extraordinary Envelopes

Mark Powell does extraordinary drawings on vintage envelopes dating as far back as the 1800s – this one a 1965 fold-over airmail.  The London-based artist has endless facility for communicating the history of these craggy, elderly faces, in all their folds and wrinkles.  Such beautiful work.

1903 German envelope.

1848 envelope.


Mark Powell does not just do envelopes.  Browse his website, and see his drawings on documents, of famous people, on maps and other media.

Mark Powell’s website, here.

His Facebook, here.

Also have a look at his FAQ’s which are a fascinating read.

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  1. Hardly know what to say at this incredible talent. I’m going to reblog it. If that’s not okay just let me know and I will remove it from my blog. This is a wonderful post. Thank you.


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