Rob Croxford: Trial by Fire

“Yippie Ki Yay…”, 60″ x 48″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2018

In a way, what happened to Toronto painter Rob Croxford a year ago was a gift. Last May, he lost everything in a fire at Walnut Studios, a huge, warehouse-style quarters for artists where he created his vintage-inspired acrylics and prints.

The Toronto fire destroyed the studios of dozens of artists. More info on CBC here

“I lost pretty much everything,” says Croxford. “About 110 original paintings, my entire print and merch inventory, my trade show booths and all my art supplies. It was everything I had spent 15 years building, and it was awful.”

“Need for Speed”, 36″ x 36″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2019

Now, he’s rising from the ashes. Exactly a year after the fire, Croxford opens a new show, in a brand new studio/gallery space with a new series of paintings and a new approach.

“Sign Language is a new direction for me … and is the result of a year of reassessing, sweat, tears, and work work work! One year later, I have learned to be resilient, to be true to my artistic vision, and to focus on clever work that makes me happy.”

“Shopping Cardio”, 42″ x 36″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2019

Text has always been a central feature in my compositions. There is something seductive about typography. I love how a font can tell a story with a single flourish. Vintage lettering and signage gently manipulate us to feel a sense of longing for the past  – Sign Language notes

The new series “is the culmination of all my obsessions,” Croxford notes. “By integrating iconic movie quotes into the landscape of well worn roadside signage I am merging pop culture, nostalgia and humour.”

“Steel Town Girl”, 48″ x 36″, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

This is a landmark year for more than Croxford’s stunning professional re-boot. It’s also his 15th year as a professional artist and marks the completion of 1,500 works. He has shown in over 125 juried and solo exhibitions and his work is held in collections all over the world.

Rob Croxford’s website, here.

A selection of new works, here.

Rob Croxford’s online store, here.


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