Anthea Baxter-Page: Passages

Temple, Varanasi, 2012. Archival digital print, 30 x 24″

These haunting photographs by Anthea Baxter-Page are from her exhibition Passages, “referring literally to the physical thresholds and pathways that have been traveled many times over.”

Archways, Jaipur, 2012. Archival digital print, 30 x 24”

On through June 1 at Alison Milne Gallery as part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, the images capture the spirit and history of India by documenting its impact on its architecture. “The title Passages also acknowledges the undefined space between a past and a future, a beginning and an end,” the exhibition program notes.

Alone at City Palace, Udaipur, 2018. Fine Art Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle William Turner Paper, 36 x 24″

India is a land soaked in colour, spirit and history. It is a country of over a billion people, 22 major languages, 29 States, 9 major religions, 139 million seasonal migrants and 11 million tourists and pilgrims annually. For Anthea Baxter-Page, the fascination became how it could all work so seamlessly. How that many people could live on top of one another in relative harmony.

North East Passage, Udaipur, 2018. Fine Art Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle William Turner Paper, 20 x 30″

In her third solo exhibition from her numerous travels in India, Baxter-Page explores how the cohesion of this complex society is revealed through its impact on the architecture. Every fort, palace, archway and corridor is seeped in the history of human experience spanning thousands of years.

More images and artist biography here.

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