Mixed Media

Marsha Kennedy: Sweet Nature

Sweetly Singing O’er the Plains, the Savannah Sparrow, oils, archival paper and ink, birch panel, 11 1/2 x 9 3/8 ” 2019

Marsha Kennedy’s relationship with nature is the motivational force behind her art practice. The Saskatchewan artist has been active since childhood in working with both wild and domestic animals, including two flightless, rescued crows.  

Pathos in the Periwinkle, 2018, oil, archival ink on paper, silver leaf on birch panel, 10.3” x 13.5”

Her work explores the spiritual, metaphysical nature of our relationship with the living world.

A Flicker in Time, oil, archival paper, ink, silver leaf on birch panel, 16 x 12″

Kennedy enlarges antique photos and reshoots them while incorporating an actual prairie bird specimen. She then applies the new photo image onto the painting’s surface and works directly on it with oils. (More at Galleries West, here)

Morning Bells are Ringing, oils, ink, silver leaf on birch panel, 9.75 x 12 ” 2018

Kennedy is part of a group exhibition at Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina, through Sept. 7, 2019. She says in her artist statement that she encourages her audience to “recognize the essential meaning of our relationship to nature and other species.”

Round and Round, oils, ink, silver leaf on birch panel, 12.25 x 18.25 ” 2018

Marsha Kennedy studied and worked during her formative years in Toronto, where she received an MFA from York University, before returning to Regina.  She has been active as a mentor to young artists for more than 30 years and taught in the Visual Art Department at the University of Regina.

Marsha Kennedy’s website, here.

Slate Gallery artist page, here.

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  1. Strange.The girls look lifeless like porcelain dolls or statues…
    Neither the girls nor the bird seem to be an integral part of the surroundings…it looks more like a collage

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