Béliveau – ‘Pictorial Archeology’

Quebec artist Paul Béliveau is a “pictorial archeologist,” who uses thousands of personal and historical photographs and mementos for his precisely rendered hyper realistic paintings.

One focus that the artist steadily returns to is his depiction of books – book spines especially – some from his own book collection, but mostly from his own extensive library of imagination.

This work – from his Facebook – is “a very small edition of 15 copies that pay homage to the Beatles that I’m launching today (March 3) of which 4 are already reserved,” Béliveau says. “From an original painting, this edition is printed on Rag 308 pure German chiffon paper. The size is 28 x 28 inches with a 2 inch margin for a total of 32 x 32 inches.”

2014, acrylic on canvas, private collection

His paintings also bring together literary and historical subjects and figures (Andy Warhol, above). Also see a selection at Thomson Landry Gallery, here.

See the variety of his styles at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, here.

Recognized for his expertise in drawing, engraving and painting he has had more than a hundred solo exhibitions across Canada, the United States and Europe. This is an installation view from his show at Hohmann Art in Palm Desert, California.

His newest exhibition opens May 18 at Thomson Landry Gallery, here.

Paul Béliveau’s website, here.

Image credit, Top of Post – From Sun Valley Magazine

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