Sketchbook Saturday

Sketchbook Saturday – Detail, Detail


I am always amazed by how much an artist can include in a beautiful spread like this without ruining the aesthetic or making the pages too crowded to appreciate. A skill for certain, present in all these sketchbooks.

The crisp symmetry of this stunning sketch is unique. Done in Mumbai by Yuliia Zvetkova

The original by Hibah Hanif is no longer on Instagram, but this sketchbook remains popular.

This sketch of a city walk is engaging because of the inpsired layout and annotation. On Each Day is a Celebration.

Detail from a weekend trip. See closeups and more sketches on Instagram, here.

This is created in the style I wish more commercially produced travel books would use. Great info at a glance. Source.

Talk about detail: This is one of Jose Naranja‘s endlessly detailed notebooks. See all in this series here.

And how could detail in a sketchbook even be considered without one from the master, Mattias Adolfsson. (He is an internationally recognized freelance Illustrator living in Sigtuna just outside of Stockholm Sweden.)

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  1. I just love sketchbooks! They are so personal and tell the stories of someone’s life and interests. Sketchbook keeping is something I struggle with but when I do sketch, it always gives me loads of satisfaction and a better state of mind.

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    • I also love sketchbooks (as you can tell!) but I am not an artist so my own scratchings (when they do occur) are always private. Nevertheless, I love seeing others experiment. Thank you for your comments, hope you stay in that “better state of mind”

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