Fiona Ackerman – Spring Fever

Multidisciplinary artist Fiona Ackerman opens today in a group show called Spring Fever, celebrating the coming of the new season in brilliant color, form and pattern.

Ficus 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022, 36 × 34 in

The Vancouver painter – whose practice also includes large-scale murals, video projections and other public art projects – says she develops “a stylistic language specific to the mood or conceptual objectives I’m working on.”

“I see my arc of work much like that of an author. Each series is like a new book, different in tone, style, and story,” Ackerman says.

Oeno Gallery Spring Fever exhibition site, here (on through April 29, 2023)

The gallery’s artist profile, here.

Fiona Ackerman’s website, here.

See more about her murals, here. ,

Image at top of post: One Long Day, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 2020, 67.5 × 90 in

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