Malani – Crossing Boundaries

Nalini Malani: Crossing Boundaries, the first-ever Canadian solo exhibition by one of India’s most important contemporary artists, opens today at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The exhibition showcases the powerful works of Malani, who has been addressing social inequalities and violence for more than 50 years, giving voice to the subjugated, marginalized, and oppressed, especially women. She is also a pioneer in new media, a heritage stretching back to the 1960s.

The exhibition showcases some of Malani’s most important large-scale works, including Can You Hear Me, a nine-channel animation chamber with 88 hand-drawn iPad stop-motion animations that envelops the viewer in what the artist describes as a human brain full of turmoil and ideas.

Born in 1946 in Karachi (then undivided India and now Pakistan) Malani is one of the most critically acclaimed Indian artists working today. She has developed a unique multi-media practice that encompasses video, film, animation, painting, drawing and immersive installations.

Exhibition page, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, here.

Nalini Malani website, here.

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  1. Since I won’t get to Montreal, thanks for bringing this Montreal exhibit to me. The title reminds me of one of the recurring slogans in a show I saw here in Vancouver of work by Mexican-American artists: “I didn’t cross the border. The border crossed me.” To drive home the point, the exhibit included maps showing how the US had marched south and seized more territory.

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