Burdeny – Cities on a Hill

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery is exhibiting two new series by internationally known Vancouver photographer David Burdeny. (Above: Matera 07, Basilicata, Italy 2021)

Tangier 02, Morocco, 2022

“Widely known for his ability to capture the essence of a place and its people in a single image, these new photographs introduce both a visual feast for the eyes and a contemplative experience for the mind,” the gallery says.

La Citta Alta 04, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, 2021

After 15 years of working with conventional perspective as a way to represent space, Burdeny presents differing urban landscapes using explorative camera and editing techniques.

For Artifact, the second series, individual buildings have been digitally extracted and superfluous details have been removed and recomposed over a field of colour. (Above: Video Record CD, Tokyo, Japan, 2022)

The online exhibition – titled City on a Hill / Artifact – ends April 2 at Jennifer Kostuik

David Burdeny’s website, here.

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  1. Hah, I think my family would agree with you. We are all puzzle enthusiasts. Or as others would call us, masochists. Probably why my mind went there. Thanks for sharing!


    • Great observation . . . I’m for “great” puzzles (I’m from a house where everyone did mega-puzzles and these would actually fare well with experienced puzzle builders.)
      Thanks for that.

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      • I’m definitely on that side too. My family is also full of puzzle enthusiasts – or as others would call us, masochists – as well. Probably why my mind went there. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. The way you took these photos is so interesting, it gives the illusion that the viewer is looking at a pastel coloring book if looked at in a certain way, I think this is due to the distancing and from the back view, which highlights no specific spot, but focuses on the full frame, of the subject matter. This makes it possible for the viewer to look at this anthropology style view of the subject which is this town and its people who are not pictured. Thank you for this.


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