Sketchbook Saturday – Botanicals

For Italian artist Giacomina Ferrillo, botanical art represents “an open window on wonder and amazement.” And the sketchbook? That’s her “fun fair of creativity, a land of plenty where everything is possible. ” (Above, Spring spread with star anise and blueberry from my kitchen)

Her garden, last year at this time

Studying and reproducing the beauty of a plant, a flower, a leaf, following the changes of the seasons requires a form of attention and respect that allows the person to grow not only as an artist. This is an art that teaches patience, persistence and discipline and pays off with growth and knowledge.


These Magnolia flowers were already present on earth in the Cretaceous period 105 million years ago, Ferrillo writes.
“It’s intimidating just to draw them… Now I know them even better and I love them even more. Among the first flowers that my father taught me to appreciate. The large petals fell on the balcony of my room as a child…”

Above: A collection through the years, here.

Giacomina Ferrillo is a widely regarded botanical (and children’s book) illustrator who will be on exhibition in London from May 16 to 20 (Mall Galleries, Society of Botanical Artists show). She is based in Italy and London.

Her website, here.

Her Instagram, here.

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