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Quick Hits: Art of the Cane

A collection of scrimshaw walking canes sold for a total of $45,110 at a British auction in the last few weeks. Antique marine ivory and baleen canes such as the ones offered by Sworders typically were worked by American and European sailors as gifts for loved ones, or […]

La Wilson: Every Little Thing

La Wilson’s art draws the eye to the many ordinary, tiny objects we need to function but don’t really pay attention to: buttons, pencils, corks, belt buckles, batteries, car keys and clothespins, to name a few. Wilson assembles her constructions by trial and error, using objects that appeal […]

The Art of Collections

An earlier post about photographer Rosamond Purcell led to a number of comments about how followers love collections, as I do, of every kind. These random examples show how artists extract  from the natural and man-made world, a practice that goes back centuries.

Collected: Family Objects

Forence-based art director and photographer Camilla Catrambone pays homage to her family with these individualized portraits, focused on the treasured articles her loved ones have owned or worked with.  Marvelous composition. (Above: Grandma Ilva – Mario’s wife)

Collecting: Flotsam & Jetsam

How fascinating.  Mexican-born artist Gabriel Orozco created this two-part sculptural and photographic installation made up of thousands of items of flotsam and jetsam that the artist gathered at two sites—a playing field near his home in New York and a protected coastal biosphere in Baja California Sur, Mexico, […]