Ole Aakjær – Powerful women

Ole Aakjær is a Copenhagen-based, internationally-renowned watercolor and ink artist best known for large-format, highly symbolic works that celebrate the power of women. He’s on exhibition at Galerie LeRoyer in Toronto.

Aakjær explores the feminine persona through the combination of watercolor, tattoo art, symbols and letters, inspired by comic book artists and his former career in advertising and design.

Aakjær portrays women as vulnerable yet empowered, sensual, fearless, seductive, and independent, the gallery says in artist notes. Above, installation view Galerie LeRoyer.

“Ornate ink work comes into play with tattoos often sprawled across the face, neck, shoulders, and upper body. Text and characters, inspired by music, literature, poetry, film, religion, psychology, and cartoons are painstakingly applied with ink and allude to the woman’s mysterious thoughts and feelings.”

In this video from his “Birdland” exhibition last summer, Aakjær explains how he started doing watercolors one day and just couldn’t stop.

Ole Aakjær’s website, here.

His Instagram, here.

Artist page at Galerie LeRoyer, here.

Images courtesy the artist, from the website of Galerie LeRoyer


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