Tag: feminism

Ellen Greene: The Tattoo’d Glove

Ellen Greene has been painting subversive imagery on vintage gloves since the 1990s.  The heavily inked artist explores the repressive implications of gloves with tattoo-inspired art.  Her work goes on exhibit this fall in a show called “Invisible Mother’s Milk” at Packer-Schopf gallery, Chicago. The custom-printed gloves are […]

Glass Ceiling: Knocked off their Heels

There’s a fascinating story behind Jill Greenberg’s upcoming Glass Ceiling exhibition, an exploration of the depiction of the female body and the objectification of women.  The Montreal-born artist was commissioned in 2008 to do a fashion shoot using the US Olympic synchronized swim team as models, and found […]

Robyn Cumming: ‘Simultaneously Seduced & Repelled’

Robyn Cumming’s ever evolving and sometimes disturbing work is featured at next month’s Photorama, the 25th anniversary of  the Toronto Photographers Workshop annual fundraising exhibit. Her extensive body of work sometimes is a challenge to interpret,  something the Toronto-based photo artist acknowledges. There is a strangeness to how […]