Tag: Netherlands

Brouns: A geometric world

Photographer Paul Brouns of the Netherlands calls this shot Venice of the North.  He’s inspired by the rhythm, lines and color patterns of an abstract geometrical world. He nails these abstracts and his color sense is a joy.

The Mysteries of Alice Brasser

There’s something wonderfully mysterious about Alice Brasser’s paintings, from their composition, to the stories that come unprompted to a viewer’s mind. The Netherlands-based artist says she feels the need to transform reality, in particular with colors, which always seem just one degree off.  She has an uncanny ability […]

Peter Gentenaar: Paper Delights

Peter Gentenaar’s Street Baroque (above) is one of  his lyrical works  in hand-made paper that defy definition.  More than 100 of the ephemeral sculptures were hung in an abbey church at Saint-Riquier,  France,  in an exhibition that drew significant attention. Gentenaar, based in The Netherlands, has a comprehensive […]