Adelle Bernadette’s Healing Journey


Adelle Bernadette turned to painting in search of a healing outlet. She had worked as a wood carver and sculptor commissioned by the Lakota First Nations’ elders and spiritual community to create ceremonial healing pieces.  Each painting begins with the old masters technique of applying a monochrome base. The Vancouver-based artist then applies countless layers of acrylic paint until the work vibrates with color and mood.


“My greatest inspiration comes from connecting to the natural beauty and divine presence in all things. It is this that I deeply cherish and honor. –Artist statement




Adelle Bernadette’s website, here.

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  1. the third image from the top, the one that the viewer seems to be sitting in a cave or a rock formation, gives the sense that the viewer is sitting in the inner ear of a bat! the outer most tip of the rock formation almost looks like a bat’s snout. the bit of rock that’s kissed by the sun orange along with the greyish bit that gives it a triangular shape would be it’s outer ear.
    all her works are very powerful! she has a very unique perspective of her landscape. seems that she allows it to envelope her!


  2. Adelle lays out the west coast beauty with such brilliant precision. I feel I could simply “step into” her paintings.


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