Tag: watercolor

Miniatures: ‘Painting for Ants’

South African miniaturist Lorraine Loots is celebrated for her remarkable ability to create these highly detailed thumb-sized works with the naked eye. The 1×1″ watercolors began with Loots’ two-year mission to complete a piece a day for a year, starting in 2013 with 365 Paintings for Ants.

Dawn Black: Life as a Masquerade

Louisiana-based Dawn Black examines the masquerades people employ to conceal their identities. Meticulously drawn in gouache, watercolor, and ink on paper, the figures in her Conceal Project span time periods and costumes in more than 200 postcard-size portraits of real individuals in masks, uniforms, haute couture and ceremonial […]

Paul Rooms: Nautical Logbook

American-born Italian-based painter Paul Rooms does such beautiful, detailed work. These are from his nautical “Logbook” series. He also does opera, fairy tales and concept illustrations, all of them with puzzle-like intensity. This is a very small selection of Rooms’ work.  See more on Behance, here.