Parry Sound 33 – Joseph Hartman

Burned area, Whistler Bay, Georgian Bay

Canadian photographer Joseph Hartman opens his fifth solo exhibition at Stephen Bulger Gallery tomorrow (March 4) with a series of landscape photographs and watercolour paintings documenting the aftermath of the Parry Sound 33 forest fire  — which began on July 18, 2018, on the Henvey Inlet First Nation in Northern Ontario.

Burned Area, 2022 © Joseph Hartman / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

Construction crews working on a wind farm sparked a fire that eventually burned a total of 11,362 hectares along the shores of Georgian Bay. It took three months to officially extinguish the fire, which was so intense that embers carried by the wind crossed open water spanning the Key River, reaching many islands, and burning several cottages and homes.

See the works in the exhibition and read more about the fire here. See Hartman’s previous, popular series on artist studios, here.

Image Credit top of post: Islands, Whistler Bay, Georgian Bay, ON, 45°54’50″N, 80°44’36”W © Joseph Hartman / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

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