Jen Stark’s X-Acto Knife Sculptures

These 3D paper sculptures are by Jen Stark, an American artist represented by Toronto gallery Cooper Cole.  Stark, who exhibits widely, is inspired by the patterns of nature and anatomy, right down to the microscopic.

Stark takes construction or acid-free colored paper and intricately cuts each sheet with an X-acto knife, layering the paper into a topographical landscape of color and bold shapes – Review, Designboom (Above: Zig Zag, archival paper on wood, 2011.)

Stark is also well known for drawings (below) and animation. But her signature is the three-dimensional sculpture.

Cosmic Strings, felt-tip pen on paper, 2011

Counter Cosmo / hand-cut paper, wood / 2011

Kaleidoscopic / Wood, Acrylic Paint, Archival Paper, Mirrors, Motor & Light, 2011

All her videos, here
Jen Stark’s website, here

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