Glamour Girls, Encaustic Style

Sylvain Roberge uses an edgy encaustic technique to create the ‘Glamour Girls’ series he’s showing at The Artist Project 2012, opening tonight and on through this weekend in Toronto.  (Above:  Cosmic Girl 2)

-In the Sun

If you aren’t familiar with the ancient art of encaustic painting, have a close look at these works, created on large boards. Encaustic refers to heated wax, with pigment added, creating a textured and somewhat translucent image, often under many layers of wax and color on the surface.


The Montreal artist finishes his large paintings with several layers of resin varnish, making them very shiny.

The texture is rich and deep. The polished surface invites reflection. The brilliance of the encaustic, reminiscent of glossy magazine covers, calls out to be caressed and whets the tactile appetite.  In the end, everything converges in striking and delectable harmony.-Artist’s statement

Festival de Cannes

-Dans Le Vent

Roberge is one of six encaustic artists showing at the Toronto event.  Have a look at his full portfolio, here, which includes these other series.

The Pop Collection – His vibrant candy colored concoctions.

Renaissance – Inspired by the monuments of Montreal

Masquerade Ball – A tribute to Venetian masks

Roberge was born in the small Quebec town of Asbestos,  attended Dawson College, Montreal, and pursued a degree in illustration at well-known Sheridan College in Ontario.  He works now in Montreal.

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