Rachel Foullon’s Wall: Rescued from a Barn

Rachel Foullon’s solo exhibition at ltd los angeles is a mind-boggling combination of 35 layered and entangled clusters of found materials and fabrics, including old ropes, frayed electrical cords, cracked garden hoses and other out-of-use items gutted from an old cow barn in upstate New York.

Cluster X, 2012:  Dyed canvas and vintage sausage bag, found fishing net and lasso, on cedar peg and molding

The New York based artist has salvaged the elements for the exhibit from previous artworks, regurgitating and re-employing them in combination with newly sewn and dyed sculptural items.

Cluster V, 2012: Dyed canvas, found motor belts, plastic spool, on cedar peg and molding

“The wall sculptures hang on wooden pegs like tack or tools in the barn. The swirls of fabric, rope, wire, garden hose and other objects are artfully arranged in compositions that simultaneously evoke the objects’ uses and create satisfying abstractions.” From a review in the Los Angeles Times

Cluster IX, 2012:  Dyed vintage coverall and socks, found rope, on cedar peg and molding

Cluster I, 2012:  Dyed canvas, dyed cotton rope, found garden hose, on cedar peg and molding

The installation is larger than it appears in images.  This perspective shot is from the Opening Ceremony blog, showing the artist and a guest.

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