The Intrigue of Fibre, Fabric & Found Objects

Alice Vander Vennen works with multiple found materials – fabric, branches, wire, copper, paper and ceramic shards – as part of a visual language suggesting a story.  (Above: The Archer’s Dance, 25″ x 50″; found and new fabrics, hand-carved wood, sinew, copper wire, found objects)

Left: Memory Stick74″ X 15″; hand-woven wool, embroidered cotton, century-old hand-stitched quilt, found, embellished and new fabrics, copper wire, carved wood, stones.  Centre: Hope Rising, 14″ X 50″; found, embellished and new textiles, copper, willow branch, copper wire, stone. Right: Companion 1, 8″ X 50″; embellished, found and new fabrics, reclaimed wood, copper, found objects. (Click images for larger view)

Forest, 20″ X 30″ framed; embellished, found & new fabrics, hand-carved bow, acrylic paint, copper, wire, stone

The story is part women’s history, the meaning of objects in everyday life and the collection and sorting of intriguing things. I work with fabrics gathered from many places and cultures and have them come together to create a new Canadian voice. Artist Statement

Pilgrim, 25″ X 50″ framed; embellished, found & new textiles, copper, African bark cloth, willow branch, copper wire

River Stone, 18″ X 50″ framed; embellished, found and new textiles, copper, stone, willow branch, paper

Script, 20″ X 30″; new, found and embellished fabrics, mica, hand-carved arrow

Alice Vander Vennen is based in Cobourg, Ontario, and is represented by the Oeno Gallery.

Alice Vander Vennen’s website, here.

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  1. ‘memory stick’, ‘hope rising’ & ‘companion 1’
    evoke the same feeling as totem poles!

    i love the innocence about the pieces.

    you mention that they are ‘part of a visual
    language suggesting a story.’ i also feel
    like i’m being taken on a journey.


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