Zilberberg: Who is Alice?

Alice Zilberberg explores femininity through the image composites she creates of women characters in folklore, mythology and art history, especially in this dark series called the Death of Happily Ever After.  It’s part of Who is Alice, her solo show at Bezpala Brown Gallery in Toronto this month. (Above: Alice in Wonderland)

Sleeping Beauty

In this series, Zilberberg reframes today’s happy ending fairy tales through her own lens.  She reverts to the original meaning and tone of older fairy tales, which were dark and even ugly – with harsh punishment, sexual inferences and, often, death. The dark aesthetic of her work takes the stories back to their accurate, unsanitized origins.


The Little Mermaid

Above: Cinderella; Below, Goldilocks

Zilberberg was born in Estonia, raised in Israel and now works in Toronto.  She has exhibited in a number of galleries in Canada and Japan.  In 2010, she was selected as one of the top emerging photographers in Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward.  See her website, here.

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