Mixed Media

Patrick Lundeen’s Mad Masks

Canadian artist Patrick Lundeen’s first New York City solo exhibition is on now at Mike Weiss Gallery.  Good For You Son  pulls myriad objects—flags, rugs, posters, keyboards, grocery store dailies and magazine pages—into cohesive works resembling  masks. (Above: Three Headed Woman, 2012, Acrylic on linen with hair 93 x 119″)

Neon-colored, kaleidoscope patterns embellish six-foot tall cut out canvas masks, reflecting Lundeen’s fascination with exaggerated theatricality. Borrowing from pop culture imagery, the works hover between the humorous and sinister. Accompanying the exhibition is a 7” vinyl record by the artist’s experimental three-man rock band, The Oblique Mystique.


Lundeen calls on his childhood fixation for Mad Magazines in some of his work.

Patrick Lundeen was born in 1978 in Lethbridge, Alberta, and now lives in Brooklyn. He received his MFA from Concordia University.  His work has been exhibited in Calgary, Montreal, and Saskatoon; Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Dundee, Scotland; Chicago; and New York City.

His website is here.

A good, short profile in The Globe & Mail, here.

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