Bennett: Witty Surrealism

If you’re a fan of ultra-creative digital photography, you may already know about Bavaria-based Chris Bennett, whose work is as witty as it is surreal.   (Above: Giraffe Bird, from his Circus Animalia portfolio)

Hannibal, from the Fables & Myths series.

Of Viescheid (Return of the herds from the high pastures), Bennett says that “We have lots of cows where I live. This wasn’t meant as a joke about methane production but more about the lifestyle here in the Allgaeu.”

Observers 3, “a short study about human oversight.” The two images below are other parts of the series.

Ark, from Fables & Myth series

Elephant Acrobats, from Circus Animalia, work in progress.

“All of my illustrations are made up from specific collections of photographs containing textures, tones and colours that I feel best represent the subject, mood or title of the piece,” Bennett says. “The completed pictures can take many months to create from a large collection of digital images, most taken by myself over many years, each image then being carefully cut out and positioned, coloured or toned to fit “jigsaw like.”

More on Chris Bennett’s website, here.

His Facebook, here.

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  1. Excellent and fun! I like how he is manipulating the photographic images and recombining them. It’s different from the more common theme of Photoshopping things to death. Such detailed work!


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